Support That Makes a Difference

Financial Coaching Session

There is no secret to building wealth. In high-level it can be as simple as:

Increase incomes → Spend less → Save → Payoff debt → Learn → Invest → Repeat until financial goals achieved

If wealth-building is as simple as it listed, the question is why there are still lots of people unable to do it? The problem is not what to do but getting it done. We might feel don’t know what to do, what to focus or having some unsupportive habits that delay us from doing it.

Financial coaching helps you with the basics of money management and practice a good relationship with money. I’ll work with you to identify your financial goals and create action plan to achieve them. Along the way, we will also work to create financial habits & beliefs that are supporting you.

Life Coaching Session

As a human, I do need support in living my life to full potential. Coaching is one of the support that I get to discover my purpose in life and work toward this goal. My master coach once told me that “Coaching is a gift” and I’m happy to have an opportunity to receive this gift in life. In order to support other humans in living their life to their full potential, I’m sharing this gift to other via coaching.

Life coaching is not about giving advice. It is about asking questions to find out solutions that are right for you. I’ll support you to discover yourself and analyze the current situation and help you to design goals and plans which are suitable for you. I’m your ally and monitor your progress when you march towards your goals. Along the way, we will also identify some limiting beliefs and I’ll suggest some exercises for you to work on it and convert it to a supporting belief.

Finally, coaching is a two-way process where both the coach and coachee are looking for the right partner to work together. Feel free to book my complimentary discovery session to find out whether we can work together and how I can support your growth and goals.