Tree of Wealth – Find Your Source of Energy (I)

Your Energy Source

In the previous sharing, we had discussed and identified the tree of wealth you want – what is your vision of wealth? Now, let’s look at another question that can provide you with energy. I’m talking about questions that can bring you continuous motivation, patience, and perseverance but not just a question of lighting the energy in your body. The former is like a steady stream of energy that will keep giving you fuel, while the latter is like an occasional flood, but it could be short-lived and fleeting. For most people who accumulate wealth, what they need is to accumulate small steps and build them up one at a time rather than fantasizing about becoming rich one day. The next question you ask to lead you towards your energy for wealth building is simply ‘WHY’. It is used to clarify your vision of wealth and determine if that’s something that you really want in your life. You are not looking for a rational answer about why you need wealth. Instead, you need to search for the answer deep in your heart that why you want your vision of wealth. It is unique to you.

Clarity Leads to Power

Clarity leads to power when the vision is clear and you know why this vision, will be the driving force. This clarity will give you energy and patience, and perseverance. You might look at the people around you; why do some of them give up halfway or do not have enough willpower to pursue their goals? Most of the time, it is not that the goal is too big, but they do not understand why they want to achieve it. If you ask people what their goals are, many will say they want to improve themselves or get a lot of money or be healthy. But why? You may ask them for more details on what exactly they mean by improvement, a lot of money or healthy and why they want it. People who have not acted may say: “I don’t know”; “I’ll know when I have it”; “Who doesn’t want to be healthy”; or “I want to follow my role model.” The better ones might say that they want to live a comfortable life, enjoy life, and take care of the next generation. But these seemingly reasonable reasons will not bring the real energy and desire to build wealth because many times they have already lived such a life. They usually have regular jobs and there is a routine to their daily lives, eating out on the weekends, getting paid monthly and once or twice a year This lifestyle isn’t just comfortable? it’s enjoyable and it allows you to take care of the next generation. In this case, where do patience, perseverance, and motivation come from? Next week, we will explore how to use the question “why” to establish your energy source.

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