Be the architect for your financial & life

I have been an employee, an entrepreneur and an investor, and I have had my own ups and downs in my financial journey & life. I believe that we should be the ones in charge and plan for our own finances and life. If we don’t plan it, someone will definitely have us in their plan as a supporting role to build their dreamed wealth and life.

Allow me to share my years of experiences in pulling myself and others into abundance, and let me help you achieve your financial & life goals. We will spend time to find out your needs & your dream. In financial, I will support you to find out your numbers, your risk appetite and understanding the basic investment tools available for you. In life, I will be there to accompany you to search for your passion & purpose and march towards your dream life. I may not have the answers for your life & wealth, but I do have the questions and tools to guide you to find those numbers and dream within you. I’ll be your pillar of support to go through a self-discovery to overcome limiting beliefs in your financial & life mindset. Together we’ll work on reaching your goals


Denise (Denmark)

Sew’s power lies in his clear thinking, I especially benefited from his guidance in personal financial review and planning! Sew is resilient while helping me to clarify the supportive changes I want in my life. His warmth gives me the confidence to step back and consider my options to make decisions & take action. He is my ally in helping me to live a better life.

Belinda (Malaysia)

Sew Eng Keat is friendly, flexible, encouraging and patient. During the time Sew was coaching me, he helped me to identify and gain clarity on my personal and professional goals. I gained new insights on dealing with my dilemmas that were holding me back for many years, he has guided me to think out of the boxes, discovered myself without limit my beliefs and overcome negative emotions that hindered me from achieving the confidence I want in my careers. I highly recommend Sew to anyone who is considering hiring a coach for self-discovery and self-development

Vinci (Malaysia)

Financial coaching helps me a lot to analyze my current financial situation, plan my finance in the future and also ways to achieve my financial goals.

Sew provided a lot of tools to analyze our current financial situation. The tools are very practical and easy to use. He is knowledgeable in financial planning and investment. I enjoy the discussion and exchange of knowledge.