Tree of Wealth: Vision & Goals

What’s The First Step For Wealth Building?

Technology has advanced so much that it is expected for things to be fast. News and information are travelling around the world in a split second. A five-second buffer time may seem too long for some people, especially for our children and future generations. I still think there are things we can’t or shouldn’t accelerate tremendously. Things like education, nurturing our kids and building wealth. An ancient Chinese proverb says it takes 10 years to nurture a tree but 100 years to train a man. It takes time to develop someone properly, but it also requires passion and patience on our part.

It is the same for building wealth, we need time, passion, and patience to nurture it. Wealth here includes other important aspects like health, mindset, resources, material possessions, state of mind/spiritual growth/inner peace etc. Building our wealth is just like planting a tree for our future self and leaving a legacy for our next generations. A tree that will provide us shade and protection as we design and wish. I’m calling it the ‘Tree of Wealth’. All of us are capable to build our own tree of wealth through perseverance and the right methodology & approach. The question here would be how we should plant, protect, and grow our tree of wealth.

When you’re planting a tree, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Well, as I’m sure you know, there are many things involved in this process. However, it’s vital to start with deciding the type of tree you want as without knowing what you want nothing else will matter. Some other questions to answer are:

How tall will it grow?

How will it support you?

How strong is your tree?

Who will be in the shade?

What kind of fruits will it bear?

Who will be getting some seeds to plant their own tree?

It doesn’t matter whether it is a small and exquisite flower or a towering tree, what matters most is that you feel comfortable with it and love it. It’s important to remember that your tree is yours, and no one should judge or criticize it. In other words, the first step to building wealth is to clarify your vision and goals for wealth. You need to know exactly what you want until the stage that you can see it, smell it, taste it, touch it and feel it. This also includes your definition of wealth, which may be focusing on money, health, mindset, material possession, spiritual contentment, resourcefulness and/or religion. It can also be a balance between all of them. Its definition will have little or no constraints. Possibly, you’re the only one who’s restricting it because you’re its architect, its cultivator, and its creator. Once you’ve clarified your vision and goals for wealth, this will give you a clear direction on where to start your journey toward achieving your goal of being wealthy.

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